Take more action.
Break through obstacles.
Achieve beyond expectations.

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How to achieve the extraordinary through your daily choices and actions

How would you cope if your life changed dramatically through an accident you can’t remember?

In 2010, Michael McKeogh narrowly survived a crash that left him wheelchair-bound. Everything changed; sporting opportunities, business success, even friendships.

Doctors urged Mike to learn to accept his “new normal”. Few factored in his determination to not only walk, but excel in whatever came next.

It was a long road back but Mike found strength in taking up a new sport and setting goals that would stretch him beyond what he could dream of achieving.

His journey from trauma patient to international sporting medallist highlights what can be achieved through making deliberate choices to shape your life, regardless of the circumstances.

The truth is, each of us has more capacity than we know. Creating the extraordinary starts with a single choice.

Mike and his wife, Neryl East, share their powerful message through a conference keynote presentation and book. After hearing their story, you’ll realise you can - at any time – make a choice to disrupt your own life.

You need to hear this to understand whatever dark hole or dead end you have found yourself in, there is always another path.
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